Saturday, January 20, 2018

Five True Things

1. I am sick. Waaaah.  I'm all coughy and achy and wheezy and whiny. This seems to happen every January, just as the semester begins. Everyone comes back from break reeking of pestilence. It's tradition!

2. I never get tired of watching Friends reruns. They are especially helpful with regard to #1.

3. Even though I am being ravaged by microbes or viruses or whatever, I still oddly feel like a little scrap therapy. Combined with #2, it might actually make me feel better.

4. My most recent Hip Kit Club layout is one of my favorites, ever.
By the way, the February kits are up on the HKC site today! I'm loving the colors in the main kit:

5. I hope you're having a non-sickly Saturday -- I really do! 

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