Sunday, January 21, 2018

In Review

Every year, I create a review page, and it usually looks similar to the ones that preceded it -- a grid with twelve photos. However, this year, as a member of the Get It Scrapped Creative Team, I was challenged to depart from the usual grid approach and to try something different.  

I wasn't the only one -- you can see what others on the team came up with on this past week's GIS blog post, "Creative Approaches for Your Year-in-Review Pages.

As I considered how to arrange the photos, I thought about the way that time moves. Initially, I had a timeline in mind, but something about a linear design felt wanting. A spiral approach made sense to me, representing the way that each year, we loop around, though we never end up in the same moment again. 

It's a little tough to see, but I stitched a spiral over the photos, starting with January and ending with December. I even used rhyme -- something I rarely do with journaling -- to create a sense of rhythm, connection, and continuity.

Will I return to the grid next year? Who knows? Trying something different was good for me creatively, although there is no way that I could ever give up the grid altogether. 

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