Monday, January 15, 2018

(Non-Nuclear) Winter in Hawai'i

The birds chirp away, the blue skies abound, and the tradewinds blow gently -- all blessings, all signs that life as usual in Hawai'i continues.

It's wintertime here in the islands, which is, as you might imagine, is quite different from winter in most other places on the globe. A Hawai'i winter is the subject of my most recent page (completed before my mind was forced to grapple with the likelihood of a nuclear winter). 
I love the lightness and sweetness of this page.  It's how I want to remember January. 

You may have noticed that there is evidence of a cut file having been used to create this page. My first-gen Silhouette, now defunct, was finally replaced by a Cameo 3, a Christmas gift from my husband, who clearly knows my scrappy heart. 

The file was designed by Elsie Robinson, DT member at Hip Kit Club, and although I'm pretty sure it is supposed to look like festive confetti, it translates as "island snow" on this page, with the rainbow effect created by the white cardstock being placed over the colorful background paper designed by another DT member, Irit Landgraf. 

This page makes me happy -- it feels like home to me. 

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