Saturday, January 6, 2018


It's six days into 2018, and I'm both exhausted and exhilarated.

I've been deep-cleaning my scrapbooking area, which, over the course of two decades, has encroached upon our living room. It's insane how much STUFF one can acquire, how many billions of little die-cuts and accents can build up in drawers and trays, and how stubbornly I held on to items for years -- with "someday" in mind -- instead of using them.

Lesson learned: I'm going to move forward into 2018 with a cleaner, pared-down space, and I'm going to embrace a "use it or lose it" philosophy when it comes to my supplies. It's just so difficult to give up supplies that I love -- or that I know that I will love on some undetermined future project. I know that making more room for supplies isn't the answer, though. My scrapbooking space has encroached on nearly half of our living room!  Now that the cleaning is done, everything feels more open.

Even though it is a holiday "break" for me as a teacher, it has not really felt like one. Today was actually the first day of down-time since the break began. I think I've had something like twelve hours of sleep. In a few days' time, I'll be back to six hours a night (if I'm lucky). I'm not looking forward to that.

The time over the break was well spent, even though it has gone by so quickly. My family enjoyed the holidays together, my dogs and I immersed ourselves in some pack-building cuddling, my daughter got me hooked on Riverdale (weirdest piece of Archie comics fan work ever), and I experienced a giant boost in productivity and creativity.  I was also asked to join the Hip Kit Club team! Here's my first layout as a team member, using the December 2017 kits:
After a busy-busy-busy December, my mind is still a little cloudy, and there are still (as there will always ever be) items on my "To Do" list that need addressing. 

My word for the year is "onward," and the idea behind that is regardless of my mood or circumstances, I will embrace the spirit of moving forward hopefully. This means trying mindfully not to (1) procrastinate, (2) fixate on situations or deliberate on decisions to the point of inaction, and (3) hold on the past (for instance, in my scrap stash -- ha ha). 

Thanks for visiting today! 


  1. I like your word and I like the idea behind this post! I've got to try to adopt the "use it or lose it" mentality for my craft stash as well. It's overwhelming now and it's stifling instead of inspiring.

    1. Good luck with that! I know exactly what you mean re: stifling vs. inspiring. Reducing my stash and keeping only what I truly love and plan to use feels really good. It was tough at first to trash partially-used items, but once I got started, it became easier.