Thursday, February 8, 2018

Hidden Treasures

I don't mean to be a Judgy McJudgerson, but I must confess that layouts without any journaling (or with vague titles like "Best Day Ever!" and no explanation whatsoever for what made that day the best on record in all of human history) make me reach for my figurative gavel. As eye-catching as they can be, I inevitably find myself searching for the story.  

And yes, I know that photos can tell a story all on their own, and that sometimes people create pages that are all about art for art's sake, but by and large, for me, when it comes to the business of documenting one's memories in scrapbook form, without journaling, something


Thus, I was understandably a little self-conscious about sharing this layout.  Where's the story? 
Lest we venture into pot and kettle territory here, let me assure you that the journaling does indeed exist on this page -- it's just hidden! 
Tasked with creating a layout with hidden journaling, I tucked the journaling into the layers of the page, stitching on a tab to call attention to this particular layer. 

It feels strange to me to look at the page and not see the words jump out right away.  

There is something to be said about hiding one's journaling, not just for privacy's sake or to surprise someone who comes upon that page someday, but also because some designs don't easily open themselves up to the inclusion of journaling. Sometimes they do feel visually complete without additional text, and finding a home for one's story, spatially speaking, can be a challenge. 

I actually liked doing this so much that I did it again on another recent Hip Kit Club layout, this one also using the January 2018 kits. 
Maybe hidden journaling offers a compromise -- though storytelling is as important as it has always been, a layout need not have visible journaling on it in order to feel complete (though I admit, a stubborn part of me is still reluctant to go hunting for it -- ha). 


  1. I think most of us would agree with you it's just we're not so good with words as you!
    It's also that old problem of putting our heart out there for all to see so the hidden journaling is a good idea. I've told my family for the future my life's all in there but they may have to hunt for it:)

  2. Know exactly what you mean about journalling-free layouts. For me it's always about the story. The hidden journalling on your pages is very subtle, but the important thing is that YOU know the stories are there!

  3. I agree that I need to get better at the journaling part-I feel exposed journaling it all on the front though and so my kids know to read the story all on the back, I do lots of writing/dating there.