Saturday, February 24, 2018


Lately, I have been...

...reading Veronica Roth's Carve the Mark.  You might recall her as the author of the Divergent series.
I'm about halfway through. During the school year, it's tough for me to tear through books the way I do during breaks, so it takes me a few weeks to finish a single book (unless it really grabs me and forces me to block out the rest of the world, which is, alas, kind of rare).

,,,welcoming the return of John Oliver's LastWeekTonight. Finally!

...loving these rainy days we've been having, especially when those days occur on weekends, when the sleeping is goooood.

...getting crafty with the Hip Kit Club kits. This week's HKC sketch was the kind I love -- lots of room for bits and pieces:
I used the February kits above, but because the January kit was still calling to me, I combined both kits to create the layout below: 
And yes, that is a cut file -- I am so happy to finally have a Silhouette again!

...contributing to the latest class at Get It Scrapped. This one stretched me creatively:
It kind of reminds me of a challenge blog that I was a part of years ago (headed by Lana Rapette). We sought inspiration from items around us -- coffee cups, curtains, computers -- and found ways to translate that to the page. For this class, the challenge was to draw inspiration not just from one object, but from a vignette -- a gathering of objects. You can see a peek of my project on the right side of the image above.  

...getting ready for Calvinball! I am so excited! 
This year, Get It Scrapped is bringing back the annual month-long challenge, which runs from March 1-31.  There is a Calvinball section on the GIS forum, where you can read the rules (and suggest new ones), chat with others who are participating this year, and keep track of the points that you earn (including a freebie point for signing up in February) -- it's free, and anyone can join in! 


  1. Love your Lately-ing post, always ineteresting.
    And I've never heard of lipstick day))

  2. Enjoyed your HipKItClubKit LO. I haven't heard of lipstick day either! I heard of HipKitClubKit from NicoleJones911 on you tube recently.