Sunday, March 4, 2018

Calvinball, Day 4

I confess, I got off to a late start with Calvinball, thanks to yet another winter cold.  The digi scrappers each have something like 100 layouts done already (okay, I'm exaggerating -- it's more like 50), but as I am an analog scrapper for the most part, with a compromised immune system (pity points?!), even a single layout can be considered a victory for this weekend. 

So now I am feeling a wee bit pumped, as I have not just one, but two layouts done -- one for Hip Kit Club (to be shared next Friday), and another that I just finished a moment ago.  Because (1) I was having trouble getting motivated and (2) I need to devote what remains of my weekend toward things I have to do versus things I want to do, I set a 30-minute time limit and got to work. Here's the resulting half-hour page:
I grabbed a piece of fabric, trimmed a few rectangles for the photo mat and journaling block, and then hand-cut a variety of circles from some paper scraps (including some "vintage" KI Memories -- I'm still in shock about actually using something that I had been hoarding for years). I quickly stitched a garland together, feeding circles into the machine, and then arranged it behind and around the photo. The journaling was kind of a stream-of-consciousness approach, best composed on my computer so as to correct any errors easily and promptly (except for the use of "also" instead of "always" that I missed and the final period that slipped by me -- oh, well!). The final touch was to stitch everything down on the page (no time for glue to dry). 

Given more time, it might have turned out differently, but then again, it's kind of intriguing to see what can happen over a 30-minute time span. 


  1. I'm impressed! You combined a lot of different items on it and looks great. The solid color of her dress lets the other colors you picked pop on the page as well as having circles and rectangles together!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! The 30-minute challenge was such a rush that I'm definitely going to attempt this again.

  3. I love your time-limit -- and the layout is extraordinary! I really should try messing with some fabric. I also started Calvinball late, due to illness. Glad your feeling better!

  4. This is really lovely. I found your 30 minute time limit worked for me, because I had been procrastinating getting started on Calvinball. Thanks for the nudge.