Saturday, April 21, 2018

Still Here

Can you tell it's the fourth quarter of the school year? Every year around this time, the days become indistinct, as does my sense of order and time. The other day, my daughter asked me for the date, and I said, "I think it's the 15th -- oh, wait, the 16th."  It was the 19th.

So you will forgive me if I have been a stranger for the past few weeks. The consolation is that this means that my unshared Hip Kit Club pages have been accumulating, so I have lots to share.

My first layout was for a product feature using lemons, which are in no short supply lately in scrapbooking collections, in the HKC March or April kits, or in my home, given my husband's legit lemon addiction. He craves them constantly, in iced tea, in water, and, as evidenced below, straight from the peel.
Bizarre, right? I have no idea what a lemon craving might mean. I've googled it, but none of the explanations I've read about seem likely. I have found that acidic foods are bad for tooth enamel, a fact that does not seem to deter our resident lemon junkie. Regardless of the reason for his cravings, it made the lemon-centered product challenge easy for me! 

My second layout is my attempt to make the most of the leftover pieces from my March HKC kits before moving on to the April kits. 
This photo cracks me up. It's a scene we don't see too often, as Mazie, the dog on the left, enforces her need for personal space quite often with growling and abrupt relocation, despite the fact that touchy-feely Linus, the dog on the right, loves her so much and just wants to fulfill his dream of being part of a puppy pile -- thus the title.

My third layout was created based on this week's HKC sketch and the April moodboard (both found in the HKC Member Forum on FB), and uses the April kits.
The directional arrow cut file is the first I created for HKC, which was a little nerve-wracking, but I like the way that it turned out. It can be used in lots of ways. The arrows can be removed to create a simple circle background, and the arrows can be used on another project. I kept a few of the arrows on this page, but also opted to remove a few and used the negative space to reveal some messy machine stitching.

Even though this is a busybusybusy time, I'm looking forward to National Scrapbook Day in a few weeks. There's a lot going on in the HKC Member Forum from May 4-6. I hope you can join in the fun!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Until Next Year, Calvinball.

The 2018 Calvinball season is now at an end. I am finishing with 361.5 points, more than I have ever earned in any round of Calvinball I've ever played, and the most refreshing aspect of that is that the points really don't mean anything -- this past month has really just been all about the thrill of it all.

Here is one of the last layouts that I made, pulling together older supplies and newer ones.
I'm not just going to miss the crafty marathons -- I'm also really going to miss the camaraderie and community. I'm already looking forward to next year.