Saturday, May 12, 2018

What I Love Most About May

1.  Endings and beginnings seem indistinguishable from each other. Flowers bloom profusely, fading within a few days' time as more buds appear and unfurl themselves. My seniors, who have been looking ahead all year long and counting the days until graduation, now look back wistfully; they are somewhere between holding on and letting go.

2. There is a heightened sense of togetherness.  People gather to fill theaters for summer movie premieres, arenas and auditoriums for graduation ceremonies, fields and gymnasiums for May Day celebrations, churches for Baccalaureate masses, restaurants for Mother's Day, and even online forums for International Scrapbook Day.

3. After the final exams and farewells, May moves seamlessly into the summer months. It is a busy month, but the last few days have a gentle lilt and flow. I often do not realize it has ended until I look at a calendar and see that it is June.

4. The usual routines begin to fall away. This can be bewildering at first, especially for someone who is always productive, always ON, always reliant on alarms and calendars and to-do lists, but the routines that were necessary at the beginning of the month are no longer necessary at the end of the month. Those last days of May? Limitless.

5. It is a time of reaching outward and inward.  In saying goodbye to another class, another school year, I search myself. I question my purpose, my impact. I wonder, do I matter? Did I make this year matter? Will I be remembered? When my face recedes from my students' memories, will something more remain? What is my legacy?  Heavy, I know. Blame May.


  1. Somehow, Jill, I feel that you do indeed leave a lasting impact on your students. You have left one on me and I am just an admirer, follower, fan from afar as we have never met in person. Your impact is beyond measure. Thank you for "teaching" me.

    1. Mary, what a sweet and thoughtful thing to say! This has me grinning from ear to ear. Thank you!