Friday, June 1, 2018

I'm an ICADian (Again)

Even though I have yet to make it through the full two months of an ICAD (Index-Card-a-Day) Challenge each summer, I always make a go of it anyway. It's about "creativity, not competition," as the challenge creator and Daisy Yellow genius Tammy Garcia contends, and that is what brings me back each time around. No pressure. Just play. 

So yep, I'm in again! 

There are prompts and themes that one can follow (or not), and this time around, I'm not going to rely too heavily on those. I am just going to see where a blank card takes me each day. 

For the first card, I worked with simple supplies that were close at hand.  I just started dripping ink on a blank card and added more and more droplets in layers.  
This summer, I'm going try really (really!) hard not to judge the products. I'm going to block out the voice in my head that evaluates the "final" index card creations in terms of likability, and listen to the one that just simply hums along as I am creating the cards. 

Wish me luck!  If you're playing along, good luck to you!  

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  1. I find this intriguing...but I'm not creative enough to tackle it! Looking forward to seeing your projects!