Monday, November 12, 2018


Lately, I've been...

...binge-watching The Haunting of Hill House and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix. I highly recommend both series!  We blew through both in just a few days. Hill House is still haunting me, and Sabrina definitely delivers on escapist fare.

...looking forward to the January premiere of A Discovery of Witches. Only yesterday did I learn that one of my favorite book series of all time has been turned into a TV series.  I'm not sure how I feel about the casting, though. Matthew Goode as Matthew is fine (especially given that both Matthews are known for being fine), but I'm having trouble imagining Teresa Palmer as Diana. She looks too fresh-faced, too much the ingenue, to play Diana. Maybe my perception will change once I see the show. I hope it's good!  

In other Deborah Harkness news, I picked up a copy of Time's Convert. I can't wait to get started, though I am in the middle of the Throne of Glass series at the moment, and I'm really enjoying it.
I'm thinking that by the end of Christmas break, I'll have caught up with the most recent book in the series, and can move on to the Harkness novel by then. The Throne of Glass books are so well-written and so engaging. The more YA fantasy novels I read, the more I believe that some of our best writers today are YA writers.

...getting more and more excited about the coming holidays, especially once I set eyes on the December Documented kit from Hip Kit Club.
I can't wait to start working with this wonderful kit!  In just a few weeks, the fun begins! 

...finding time to keep scrapbooking, despite one of the busiest fall schedules of my life to date. Here are a few of my recent pages, all created with Hip Kit Club kits.! (See above). 

...tackling laundry. The more demanding my schedule becomes, the less I have time for daily chores, and the more my stacks of laundry build. Today they have reached avalanche status, so I've been trying to climb out from under them and get some laundry done. Every time I do laundry, I think of my grandmother, who used to talk about how much her sister loved to hang clothes and sheets on the line to dry. She loved their smell, their texture, the fresh air blowing on her face. I don't think I've attained that level of euphoria when it comes to doing the laundry, but it's one kind of dream to dream, I suppose. 

Off to do more!