Saturday, June 8, 2019


Today's "Goggles" ICAD prompt was kind of a head-scratcher. My initial thoughts were pretty literal, and as I let my thoughts wander, what came to mind were the goggle-sporting Edgar and Alan Frog from The Lost Boys and Dr. Horrible. At that point, I figured that I would just have an off-prompt day, working with the week 2 theme of collage and found and painted papers from old books. 

However, as I started rummaging through papers, a line from a discarded (repurposed!) textbook on debate caught my eye: "YOU CAN'T FORCE BELIEF." From there, a little association helped me to find my focus: goggles --> vision --> world view --> perspective.  Many of the papers that I had been pulling and trimming had something to do with ways of seeing or with acquiring knowledge and filtering the world through that view; the papers dealt with geography, music, language, literature, politics, poetry, genetics, history, numbers, and time. I added a few lines of my own to the mix: "so many ways to see -- why insist upon just one?" 


  1. YOU CAN'T FORCE BELIEF...ah, this fits within the prompt so perfectly! Love it. Question that you may have answered sometime but I missed...what do you do with all your ICADs? Happy Summer!

    1. Hi Mary! I store them together in a tray, adding to them each summer. Sometimes when I need ideas for techniques for scrapbook layouts, I look back at the cards.