Monday, March 2, 2020

Back at It

Finally -- FINALLY -- I am slowly surfacing from my nearly-year-long funk, and I am starting to feel creative inklings once again.

A month ago, I made my first page since March of last year.
It was therapeutic, telling a story that I had been reluctant to tell for a year. When I felt ready, it just kind of happened. 

Then I went a month without making anything else. 

And that was okay. 

When Calvinball started yesterday, however, it felt like an invitation to play without pressure. It's always a fun time, and while some may regard it as a competition, I just see it as an opportunity to see where a month devoted to creative pursuits will take me. 

So far, so good! 

Who knows what I'll have to show by the end of the month? I'm just going to let March happen, and be grateful for every day -- and if some of those days are wonderfully productive, then great, and if some of them are ridiculously unproductive, then great. 

Wish me luck! 


  1. Oh happy day! There you are! You have been sorely missed! When I saw Calvinball come up I wondered if you would appear. So glad you were able to create and share. I am grateful for whatever you are able to do. You have always inspired me a great deal. Thank you, thank you!

  2. Welcome back. I have missed you.

  3. So so good to see some of your lovely scrappiness We are cheering you on!

  4. I, too, have missed your wonderful creations and beautiful way with words.

  5. So very glad that you are back! I have been checking in periodically to see if you might have posted anything and was thrilled to see you had! I adore your two new lovely and inspirational. Thank you for generously sharing your work with us - you are very much appreciated and loved! Take care!
    Maria ()"o)

  6. I'm so so happy to see you're back to the creative world ♥

  7. Glad to see you back on the blog! I love the two examples you posted. Hope March will be productive for you. Thanks for sharing!