Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy All Hallows' Eve Eve!

Tomorrow is Halloween, and the fact that it falls on Saturday rather than, say, a Tuesday, is a mercy. That means no gotta-get-home-before-dark gridlock, no fears of having to curtail trick-or-treating because of homework (seriously, what kind of teacher assigns homework on Halloween?!), no sanctions on candy consumption before bedtime, and no morning-after absences on the school roster.

I'm hoping that this means we will actually see more than the usual three trick-or-treaters tomorrow night. In recent years, families in my neighborhood have been making an exodus to other (read "richer") parts of the island, where the candy is gold-flecked and the wells of chocolate are bottomless (and the people there actually give out candy instead of turning out the lights and setting the pit bull loose in the yard). 

Halloween isn't always easy to celebrate 'round here, but I still love it. So does my daughter, as my most recent layout for Elle's Studio attests. 

Have a safe and happy Halloween! 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Greatest Show on Earth

I'm attributing this page to three things:

(1) the fact that I am currently binge-watching American Horror Story: Freak Show,

(2) one of the most exhausting weeks that I have ever experienced (seriously -- I slept it off for FOURTEEN hours last night and this morning),

(3) the seemingly endless Halloween inspiration provided by the Scraptastic Club "This Is Halloween" kit and add-on.

I've already got my costume lined up for this year. Can't wait!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Elle's Studio October Launch

If you haven't set eyes on the Elle's Studio October kit and extras just yet, then you might just want to stop reading this and go check 'em out!  I'll understand. :)
Among my October favorites are these acrylic houses.  I love them so! 
I used one of them (I'm hoarding the rest at the moment) below.
You can see the full layout in the DT gallery, which is also live today.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Ah, October -- it's finally feeling fall-ish around here. Instead of waking up sweating, with my sheets flung off the bed, I've been having trouble waking up because I'm nestled cozily under multiple warm blankets. It's a sure sign that summer is over and that the seasons are changing.

Although I'd love to be experiencing a "true" fall, surrounded by trees laden with gold and orange and red leaves, I'll settle for some extra green in my life.  I'll take this drizzly, cooler weather over the humidity and drought conditions we experienced for far too long this summer. The mountains are green and lush instead of brown and dry -- it's actually looking like Hawai'i again around here. Yay for fall!

October is a month of transitions, and one of my favorite changes is the shift from ordinary days to holidays. The fun starts in October, with Halloween, and then soon we're on to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. Time moves differently starting in October because even as we continue our routines, a sense of anticipation makes our days feel different somehow.

Halloween is just weeks away, and my most recent Scraptastic Club layout testifies to my love for this holiday.
As you might imagine, I am all kinds of crazy about the Scraptastic Club October kit, "This Is Halloween."  Not only is it named after a song from one of the best holiday movies ever made, but it is also just plain awesome.

So, yeah, fall. It's a good thing.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Happy World Cardmaking Day!

A frequent cardmaker I am not, but from time to time I have been known to break my layout habit and turn my attention toward making a card or two...or three, as I did in honor of today's World Cardmaking Day.

You can check out even more cards on the Scraptastic blog!